The history of sado

About Sado

What kind of place is Sado?
Let’s take a look at Sado from a slightly different point of view.



It is said that “three Japans” exist in Sado.
Coastal topography: Due to nearly 3 million years of tectonic movement, all sorts of geological shapes seen elsewhere in Japan are gathered here.
Flora: Nearly 1700 species of flora live along the boundary between cold and warm biogeographic regions.
Culture: People and things intermingled due to the development of the gold mine: exiled aristocrats and intellectuals, and traders and sailors of the Kitamaebune (“northbound ships”) of the Edo and Meiji periods.


One of Sado’s greatest appeals is that one can experience all at once the “three Japans” created by the fusion of the harsh nature and abundant culture of the region.



Harshness, warmth, deliciousness, ordinary, and extraordinary. Sado is a “microcosm of Japan” which has it all. Sado’s expression is never the same from one day to the next. If you visit Sado, you will find a time and experience which is unique to you.

Sado interweaves majestic scenery, nostalgic mountain villages, nature’s abundant food sources, and experiences of the islands beauty. Each is not very large on its own, but one can certainly feel the breath of those who live on Sado. Sado is always ready to enfold your wishes for your journey. Come take a walk to discover your own beautiful Sado.