Once you step into a lifestyle
that has been handed down
over many ages
you will want to stay there for a good while.
Sado Island offers a gentle flow of time
that softly slows the steps of its travelers.
Why not take your time to savor such moments
in a Sado traditional house, deeply rooted in the land
and carefully preserved through generations?
Take one more step further onto the island and stay one more night.
Enjoy the hidden wonders of Sado
discoverable only by those who venture further
at Sadomari.

About the facility

Located close to National Route 350, which crosses Sado Island, and in a convenient location, it stands in a quiet environment surrounded by forests and agricultural fields. While maximizing the house’s original character and charm, living areas such as the dining kitchen and bathroom have undergone a full renovation, resulting in a comfortable and modern space.

A villa built in a quiet rural area

This historic house is said to have been built around the early Meiji period. It is also the birthplace of Dr. Shuho Nagano, who studied Chinese medicine in Edo (now Tokyo) and Dutch medicine in Nagasaki, mastered the technique of smallpox vaccination, and popularized the use of vaccinations in places like Hiroshima and Okayama before returning to Sado, and was the first doctor to administer vaccinations in Sado. Currently, the house still has a sturdy central pillar that solidly supports it. Besides the large main building used for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, there is also a barn with a storehouse on the premises, allowing one to feel the breath of life that once filled this place.

Upon entering the front door, you are greeted by a distinctive space known as omae or oie, which is a place for entertaining guests and is representative of the typical layout of Sado’s traditional houses. This space has been transformed into a living room equipped with a sofa and the latest bioethanol fireplace.

Additionally, living areas such as the kitchen, dining, and bathroom have been renovated into modern spaces equipped with comfort and convenience. There are three bedrooms gently partitioned by fusuma (sliding doors), making it recommended for stays with family or friends. From the front garden, you can view the quiet pastoral landscape where Japanese crested ibises occasionally alight. Please enjoy a relaxed time while feeling the seasonal landscapes, sounds, and scents.

Facility overview


Three bedrooms with two beds each / living room / dining / kitchen / bathroom / shower booth / toilet / three extra beds


Washer and dryer / refrigerator / microwave oven / rice cooker / electric kettle / coffee maker / air conditioner / panel heater / bioethanol fireplace / TV / Bluetooth speaker / Wi-Fi

Amenities and Equipment

Hair dryer / humidified air cleaner / cooking utensils / dishes / shampoo / conditioner / body soap / hand soap / toothbrush / shaver / brush / bath towel / face towel / hand towel / nightwear (gown type) / slippers / amenities for children

Number of guests that can be accommodated

One to nine persons

Children are welcome to stay with us. When used by seven or more guests, additional bedding will be provided in the form of futons and mattresses.


Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: 10:00

This facility does not have on-site staff. We will email in advance instructions on how to unlock the smart key lock (passcode-based), and guests will need to self-check-in using the tablet terminal inside the facility. Late check-in is also possible during off-hours, and there is no curfew, so guests are free to come and go as they please during their stay.


The Yamato area, where the facility is located, is about a 15-minute drive from Ryotsu Port. It is also convenient for the island’s tourist attractions and restaurants.
- Private parking lot for up to four cars (adjacent to the facility)

Address: 653 Yamato, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-1206

If coming from the Niigata City side
If coming from the Naoetsu side

Local bus

Approximately a three-minute walk from the Yokoya bus stop on the Niigata Kotsu Sado Main Line
Niigata Kotsu Sado’s website (local buses)

Pick-up and drop-off

We do not provide shuttle services, so please make arrangements by yourself.


Reservations can be made online.