Sado Kisen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) commits to protecting our customers’ personal information and respecting their privacy. To this end, our officers and all employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information and strive to manage and protect personal information held by the Company properly, regardless of the medium, whether electronic or paper.

Declaration on the Protection of Personal Information

  • The Company complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act and policies and guidelines established by administrative agencies.
  • When using personal information, the Company will clarify the purpose for which the information is to be used and will use and provide the information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • The Company will acquire personal information lawfully and appropriately.
  • The Company, in managing and handling personal information, ensures that it is kept accurate and up to date within the scope necessary to achieve its purposes of use. We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information and for other safety management.
  • The Company has appointed the General Affairs Manager as the Personal Information Protection Manager, ensuring appropriate management.
  • The Company will respond within an appropriate scope to requests for disclosure, correction, and other inquiries regarding personal information from the individual based on our established procedures.
  • The Company will review and improve our handling of personal information protection as appropriate.
Established:April 1, 2012
Revised:May 9, 2017
Revised:March 20, 2019
January 1, 2023

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Handling of Personal Information

This document explains the protection and handling of customers’ personal information obtained in the course of our business in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “the Personal Information Protection Act”).

  1. The Company’s Basic Stance on Personal Information
    The Company respects and complies with the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Act. To protect our customers’ personal information, we have appointed the Personal Information Protection Manager and established and implemented the Privacy Policy.
  2. Personal Information in the Company’s Possession
    The Company will retain personal information such as the name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, bank account number, credit card number, driver’s license number, etc., that you provide to us when you make reservations such as boarding and car rental, travel applications, and applications for registration to use our e-commerce website. In addition, when customers use our services or browse our pages, the Company acquires historical and characteristic information about customers, such as services and software used, products purchased, history of pages and advertisements viewed, search keywords, date and time of use, method of use, usage environment (including communication status of the mobile devices used, various settings information related to use, etc.), IP address, cookie information, location information, and individual identification information of the device.
  3. Purpose of Obtaining and Using Customers’ Personal Information
    1. To the extent necessary to arrange services provided by transportation and accommodation agencies, etc., and to the extent required to complete procedures for receiving such services when customers make various reservations for boarding, car rental, etc., and when they apply for travel.
    2. To ship products purchased by customers, settle payments, provide after-sales service, and perform other related tasks.
    3. To provide customers with information, contact details, etc., necessary for business purposes.
    4. To respond to customers’ inquiries, feedback, etc., to the Company (including to confirm the customers’ identity).
    5. To provide information deemed valuable and necessary to customers, such as new product announcements.
    6. To request cooperation with questionnaires, etc., concerning our products and services (including responses to such questionnaires).
    7. To refuse services to customers who violate the Terms of Use or have dishonest or improper intentions.
  4. Provision of Customers’ Personal Information to Third Parties
    The Company will appropriately manage the personal information we receive from our customers and will not provide personal information to third parties, except in the following cases:
    The Company will provide the necessary minimum amount of personal information received from you to transportation and accommodation agencies, etc., by sending it in advance via electronic methods or similar to fulfill the purpose of the contract with you.
    1. When there is consent from the individual.
    2. When it is necessary to protect a person’s life, body, or property, and obtaining the person’s consent is not easy.
    3. When it is essential to improve public health or promote the sound growth of children, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned.
    4. When there is a request from a national government agency or local government, etc., and disclosure is required by law.
    5. When we disclose information to contractors to whom we outsource services to provide the services requested by the customer.
    6. In the event of business succession due to merger or other reasons.
    7. Other cases permitted by laws and regulations.
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  5. Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information
    The Company may outsource all or part of handling personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In such cases, the Company will thoroughly screen the contractors for eligibility, stipulate confidentiality obligations in the contract, and provide necessary and appropriate supervision of the contractors.

  6. Joint Use of Personal Information
    The Company may share our customers’ personal information within the following scope and purposes to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
    1. Scope of joint use = Our group companies
    2. The purpose of joint use = Same as “3. The purpose of Obtaining and Using Customers’ Personal Information” above.
    3. Items of personal information = Same as “2. Personal Information in the Company’s Possession” above.
    4. Person responsible for managing personal information = Personal Information Protection Manager, Sado Kisen Co., Ltd.
  7. Measures to Protect Customers’ Personal Information
    The Company makes daily efforts to improve the security level of handling personal information and strictly manages our customers’ personal information.

  8. Revision of the Privacy Policy
    The Company will review our Privacy Policy occasionally and revise it as necessary. The revised Privacy Policy will be promptly posted on our website.
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  9. Requests for Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Suspension of Use, etc., of Personal Information
    If you have any questions or comments regarding the Company’s handling of personal information or any inquiries regarding the disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of your personal information, please contact the consultation desk below. The Company will take the necessary measures in accordance with laws and regulations.

Personal Information Protection Consultation Desk, Sado Kisen Co., Ltd.



Office Hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(Except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)




List of official social media accounts

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  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Social Media Communication Policy

The Company has established the following guidelines for the attitude and behavior to be observed when operating our official social media accounts.

Purpose of this Policy

This policy defines the attitude and behavior that our directors, employees, and all other parties involved in our business should observe to establish good communication with our customers through social media.

Attitudes and actions to be observed at the Company
  1. Awareness and Responsibility in Disseminating Information via Social Media
    1. When transmitting information on the Internet, we always acknowledge that it can be easily and instantly accessed by an unspecified number of users.
    2. We fully acknowledge that each individual’s dissemination of information can be subject to recognition, discussion, and criticism and can have a significant impact.
    3. We will strictly comply with laws and regulations and our Privacy Policy in disseminating information.
  2. How to Prepare for Social Media Participation
    1. We respond with respect and an attentive attitude, listening to the comments made by our customers.
    2. We take responsibility for our communication and responses, careful not to cause misunderstandings or discomfort.
    3. We strive to disseminate truthful and accurate information.
    4. We refrain from disseminating information that includes privacy and/or personal.
    5. We understand that once information is published, it cannot be completely deleted and will remain permanently.
    6. We fulfill responsibilities in daily operations.
  3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    1. We will comply with all laws and regulations and, in particular, shall not engage in any infringement of copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, defamation of honor, or any other violation of rights.
    2. When quoting content, articles, etc., we will clearly indicate the source and the quoted section.
    3. We will occasionally monitor compliance with this Policy to determine its status.

Information and Requests to Customers

  • Due to the nature of social media, the information transmitted may not necessarily represent our official opinions. For official announcements and opinions from the Company, please refer to our press releases and other such publications.
  • The manner of interaction (such as how we respond and the hours of operation) varies by social media account. Please refer to the list of our official accounts for information on how each account operates.
  • The information is current at the transmission time and is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Please refer to the terms of use for our social media and related services.