Our Internet Reservation Service (“the Service”) is an Internet reservation website (“the Website”) operated by Sado Kisen Co., Ltd. (“the Company”).
Please agree to the following Internet Reservation Service Terms of Use (“the Terms of Use”) before using this Service.

Article 1 (Scope of Application)
  1. The Terms of Use apply to the Service.
  2. Matters not stipulated in the Terms of Use shall be subject to the General Conditions of Carriage specified by the Company, various business regulations, the guide for Internet reservations, the guide and descriptions on the Company’s website, and the membership terms stipulated by credit card companies.
  3. We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use and any other information and notices by posting them on the Company’s website; once these are posted on our website, users are deemed to have agreed to such changes.
Article 2 (Membership Registration)
  1. The Service is available for membership registration (reservations can be made without membership registration).
  2. Only individuals who agree to the Terms of Use (“User(s)”) may register as members.
  3. Registrations made by someone other than the individual, such as by a representative, as well as registrations by corporations or travel agencies, will be invalid.
  4. To register as a member, you must provide your name, date of birth, contact address, telephone number, email address, password, and other information.
  5. A membership number will be issued upon registering as a member.
    1. Users are responsible for managing their membership numbers and registered passwords and are prohibited from lending or transferring them to third parties.
    2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred by Users due to a third party’s theft of their membership numbers and passwords.
  6. The Company may cancel a User’s membership registration without notice if any of the following items apply to the User. Our Company will not be liable for any damages incurred in the event of cancellation.
    1. If registered under a false or third party’s name.
    2. If registered with an incorrect address, contact information, or email address.
    3.  If there has been any fraudulent use or non-payment of fares or charges in the past for the Service.
    4. If there is an error or irregularity in the registered contact information, making it impossible to communicate for reservation confirmations, etc.
    5. If you have not used the Service for over five years.
Article 3 (Change of Member Registration Information)
  1. If there are any changes in your member registration information (name, contact address, phone number, etc.), please promptly make the changes on the Website.
  2. The Company will contact the User at the address, telephone number, or email address registered by the member. Suppose a notification intended for the User does not reach them due to the User not making the necessary changes or for similar reasons. In that case, it will be considered as having reached the User on the date and time it would normally have been expected to arrive.
Article 4 (Cancellation of Membership)
  1. If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so by following the prescribed procedure on the Website.
Article 5 (Handling of Personal Information)
  1. Personal information registered by Users on the Website will be used to communicate with the Users and to operate our business efficiently. Still, it will not be used for any other purpose.
  2. Personal information collected on the Website will not, without the User’s consent, be transferred or disclosed to any third party other than the Company and companies to which the Company outsources some of its operations. (Except in cases where disclosure is requested by law)
Article 6 (Reservations)
  1. The Service allows reserving passenger cars, light passenger cars, station wagons, motorcycles (excluding those with sidecars), passengers (excluding those in suite rooms), and pets. A reservation is deemed completed once the credit card prepayment is completed and the User has received a confirmation email acknowledging the payment.
  2. In the Service, reservations cannot be made for freight vehicles, trucks, buses, towed vehicles, motorcycles with sidecars, or suite rooms. Please call the reservation center at 0570-200310 (business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; closed on Sundays, public holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays).
  3. Reservations for passengers (excluding those in suite rooms) and pets can be made from the same day two months prior to the departure date until 30 minutes before the departure of the service.
  4. When making round-trip reservations simultaneously, even if the return trip’s departure date is after the same day two months later, reservations will still be accepted if the return date falls within ten days from the departure date of the outbound trip (including the date).
  5. Reservations for the following year will be accepted after the operational schedule has been determined. Furthermore, should there be a limitation on the reservation period due to system changes or fare adjustments, we will announce the start date for accepting reservations on the Website once it has been determined.
  6. Reservations for vehicles (including motorcycles and bicycles) must be made per vehicle/bicycle basis. Additionally, for round-trip applications, if the period between the departure date of the outbound trip and the departure date of the return trip exceeds 14 days, please apply separately for the outbound and return journeys.
  7. Except for discounts that require the presentation of certificates or application forms (such as discounts for persons with disabilities), we will apply discounts corresponding to the itinerary of the reservation.
  8. Please call us for reservations for unaccompanied vehicle transport (such as when the vehicle is on a car ferry and passengers use the Jetfoil).
  9. To be eligible for the round-trip or excursion discount, please apply for both the outbound and inbound reservations at the same time.
  10. Please refrain from making fraudulent reservations, such as double reservations. Please be aware that if fraudulent reservations are discovered, membership registration will be canceled, and the Service will be suspended for the person without prior notice.
Article 7 (Payment)
  1. To use the Service, Users must make a credit card payment (one-time payment only) on the Website.
  2. Credit card payments on the Website are processed through the credit card payment service provided by Sony Payment Services Inc., under the following conditions.
    1. Credit card payments are settled immediately.
    2.  If the user’s credit card is rejected for any reason by the credit card company, their credit card payments on the Website will not be available.
    3. If the reservation details are changed after the credit card has been authorized, the card will be charged again. The amount used before the change will be refunded later, but the account will be debited twice until the refund is made due to the different payment and refund timelines set by the credit card company.For inquiries regarding refunds and cancellation of double debits, please contact your card issuer directly.
Article 8 (Change or Cancellation of Reservations)
  1. Reservations can be changed up until 30 minutes prior to the departure of the ferry.
    However, changes involving a vehicle (including motorcycles and bicycles) must be made by 9:00 p.m. the day before the departure date.
  2. Reservations may be changed without charge if seats and car spaces are available on the requested ferry.
  3. Reservations can be canceled until the day before departure of the reserved ferry. 
  4. Canceling reservations after completion of payment will incur the prescribed cancellation fee.
    Note: Please refer to Article 9, “Cancellation Policy for Internet Reservations,” for cancellation fees.
Article 9 (Cancellation Policy for Internet Reservations)
  1. In the event of cancellation of a reservation after credit card payment has been completed, the following cancellation fees will apply.
    From the 30th day prior to the departure date up until the seventh day prior to the departure date 200 yen per passenger, one-way
    200 yen per vehicle (including the driver in second-class), one-way
    Note: If the driver is in first class, special class, or a suite room, an additional 200 yen is charged one-way for the difference between second class and the class of service used.
    From the sixth day prior to the departure date up until the second day prior to the departure date 10% of the total payment amount (including pet fees)
    If that amount is less than 200 yen, then 200 yen.
    From the day before the departure date to before the departure of the reserved ferry 30% of the total payment amount (including pet fees)
    If that amount is less than 200 yen, then 200 yen.
    After the departure of the ferry (including no-shows)
    Note:For 2nd class tickets that do not have the shipping information listed on the ticket, if the validity period of the ticket has passed
    100% of the total payment amount (including pet fees)
    If the reserved ferry is canceled No cancellation fee
    Note: No cancellation fee will be charged if the reserved ferry is canceled. However, if the customer’s decision cancels the reservation before the company withdraws the ferry, a cancellation fee will be incurred.
  2. Regarding the Payment Method for Cancellation Fees
    1. Credit card payments on our online reservation site are processed through a third-party service provider.
    2. The amount settled at the time of payment will be refunded, and once again, only the prescribed cancellation fee will be settled by the credit card used to settle the reservation. However, no refund will be made in the event of cancellation after the departure of the service (including no-shows).
Article 10 (Boarding Procedure)
  1. Enter your phone number via the URL in the reservation confirmation e-mail to display your digital ticket with a two-dimensional code (QR).
  2. Please note that your digital ticket can be displayed starting three hours before the departure of the ferry you are boarding.
  3. Users eligible for the disability discount must present their Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, or Disability Certificate (officially called the Certificate of Mental Disorder) or various other certificates in card form, as well as a smartphone application, etc., at the ticket counter.
Article 11 (Cancellation of Ferry Services, etc.)
  1. Measures may be taken to suspend operations, in the event of a natural disaster, fire, maritime accident, malfunction of the vessel in use, or other unavoidable circumstances.
  2. If the reserved ferry is canceled and the transportation contract agreed upon between the Company and a User under our transportation conditions cannot be fulfilled, we will take one of the following measures (1), (2), or (3) at the request of the User: 
    (1) Transportation on our ferry routes that have available capacity 
    Note: Alternative transportation options are limited to within the capacity of our vessels in use. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding the circumstances of our ferry routes.
    (2) Refund of fares and charges for such unused services 
    (3) Extension of the validity period for the unused service 
    Please note that we cannot accommodate any of the above measures if the boarding pass is discarded or lost.
  3. The Company cannot cover expenses related to your trip, such as transportation costs to the boarding port and from the disembarking port, other than those specified in the transportation contract.
Article 12 (Suspension of the Service)
  1. The Company may temporarily suspend the Service without notice if we are forced to suspend the Service in an emergency.
Article 13 (Restriction of the Service)
  1. The use of the Service is limited to the content of services that can be provided; services that exceed these limitations cannot be provided.
  2.  In connection with the use of the Service, the Company shall secure an encryption level to protect personal data or restrict the use of equipment or software to ensure the functioning of the Service. Users are responsible for preparing their usage environment at their own expense. 
  3. For the Company to ensure the security of personal information, etc., if a reservation is not completed within 15 minutes of the reservation operation on the Service, the reservation will become invalid, and the Service will be discontinued without saving the information already entered. We do not assume responsibility for any disadvantages or other issues experienced by the Users. 
Article 14 (Disclaimer)
  1. If a User causes inconvenience or damage to another person by using the Service, it shall be resolved at the responsibility of the parties involved, and the Company shall not bear any responsibility. 
  2. Even if any inconvenience or damage occurs because a User cannot use the Service due to the reasons mentioned in Articles 11 and 12 or problems with the communication environment, the Company shall not bear any responsibility. 
Article 14 (Governing Law)
  1. The establishment, effectiveness, performance, and interpretation of the Terms of Use shall be governed by Japanese law. 
Article 15 (Court of Jurisdiction)
  1. If a dispute arises between a User and the Company regarding the use of the Service, both parties shall endeavor to resolve it in good faith. 
  2. If the dispute cannot be resolved between the parties, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s headquarters shall be the exclusive agreed jurisdictional court of the first instance, and the matter shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations.

Supplementary provisions
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