Through our online reservation system, you can make reservations for Car Ferries (for passengers with or without cars) and Jetfoils.

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STEP-1 Online reservation and payment

Online reservation

We recommend that you register as a member (free of charge) if you wish to make reservations online. Registered members can make reservations more smoothly from the next time.

If you are making a round-trip reservation at the same time, you can book even if the return boarding date is more than two months later, as long as it is within ten days from the outbound boarding date (inclusive of the outbound boarding date).
※Reservations can be made without membership registration.
※Car reservations must be made for one car at a time. If you are reserving for two vehicles, please make two reservations.

For passengers boarding with a vehicle(Car Ferry)For passengers boarding without a vehicle(Car Ferry・Jetfoil)
Online reservation start dateMidnight of the same day two months prior to your boarding
Reservation reception hoursBy 9:00 p.m. on the day before your boarding30 minutes prior to the departure of your service

STEP-2 Completion of online reservation

Upon payment completion, we will send you a reply email containing the QR code and reception number for your reservation.

STEP-3 Ticketing and boarding

【Boarding guide】

How to board the Ferry or the Jetfoil: Display the QR code from the reservation reply email on your mobile device and proceed to the ticket vending machine at the departure port.
Alternatively, print the QR code from the reply email and use the ticket vending machine at the departure port.

Boarding day1)Displaying the QR Code
Display the QR code sent to you by email after completing your booking on your mobile device. Alternatively, print out the QR code from the reservation reply email. The QR code can be presented at the ticket vending machine at each port to issue your boarding ticket.
Boarding2)Ticket gates
Please present your boarding ticket at the time of ticket inspection.

※The above ticket vending machine procedures apply only to passengers who are informed in the reply email that they can use the ticket vending machines to board the ferry.

Benefits of online reservations

  1. At the time of boarding procedures, a Sado-Niigata Tourist Facility Discount Voucher that can be used at affiliated facilities will be issued.
  2. You can select seats for reserved seats (Car Ferry 1st class or Jetfoil).

List of facilities eligible for the 2024 Sado-Niigata Tourist Facility Discount Voucher and its benefits(PDF)

Regarding changes to online reservations

①After logging in, click the [Change/confirm reservation] button
②Click on the [Change reservation details] button at the bottom of the page.
③Reservation details can be changed on the [Entry of reservation details] screen.

Cancellation of outbound or return trip only

After logging in, you can make changes by clicking the [Change reservation] button. In the outbound trip section, please enter the service you wish to keep your reservation.

【Changes after ticket exchange】

Changes can be made at the ticket office at the boarding port. However, no-fee changes can be made only if the ticket is still valid and it is the first time a change is made. Changes must be made at the departure port before the departure of the service on your boarding ticket. Please contact the port of boarding indicated on the back of your boarding ticket to confirm seat and car space availability.

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