Please note that our services may be canceled due to high seas or poor visibility.
We make judgments based on a comprehensive analysis of several data points, including wave height, swell, wind strength and direction, and visibility.
If a storm warning, wave warning, or other warning is issued for Niigata Prefecture in the weather forecast, there is a possibility that our services may be canceled.
However, issuing such warnings is only a guide, and the presence or absence of weather warnings does not determine whether or not our services will be canceled.

Timing of our decision to cancel the services

The status of all car ferry services and the first Jetfoil service for the day will be available at midnight on the Operation Status page. The status of Jetfoil services other than the first one will be announced after 6:00 a.m.
The decision to cancel a service may be made one hour prior, depending on the weather and sea conditions of the day.
Also, depending on the situation, we may cancel a service the day before.

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Cancellations due to expected bad weather

If a customer cancels a reservation at their discretion before our company decides to cancel the service, the customer will be charged the prescribed cancellation fee.

Reservations in the event of a service cancellation (after the service has been canceled)

If a service is canceled, we will contact customers who have reserved the service with us.
(For Internet reservations, we will contact the registered e-mail address; for reservations made through a travel agency, we will contact the travel agency)

If only a boarding reservation has been made and the boarding pass has not been issued yetNo cancellation fee will be charged. Your reservation will be canceled.
If you wish to change your service, please follow the instructions below.
Change of service to a service operated (scheduled to operate) on the same dayPlease come to the port of embarkation to inquire about seat and car space availability.
Niigata 025-245-5111   ​
Ryoutsu 0259-27-5111 ​
Naoetsu 025-543-3791  ​
Ogi 0259-86-3110
Changing to a service scheduled for the following day or laterPlease inquire by phone.
Navi Dial: 0570-200310  
Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed days: Sundays, Public Holidays, December 31 to January 3
If only a boarding reservation has been made and the boarding pass has been issuedIf you cancel your boarding, you will receive a free refund.
Also, if you wish to change the service, please come to (or contact) the port of embarkation for information on the seat and car space availability.
For travel products or tours that include a combination of ferry, accommodation, ferry, sightseeing by bus, etc.In the event of trip cancellation, we will refund the trip cost without any fees.
Also, if you wish to change your service, please contact us at the location where you made your reservation.
For reservations made through a travel agencyPlease contact your travel agency.