How to spend time at Sadomari

Enjoy a peaceful time with your family and friends in a private space.


Base for your trip as a couple to Sado Island

Make a tranquil spot away from the hustle and bustle your base for your trip as a couple to Sado Island, where you can relax and explore this place that is often called a microcosm of Japan, creating lasting memories together.
Nearby is the Kanai Noh Theater, where performances are held throughout the year. The Aikawa district is also easily accessible, home to the historic sites of the Sado Kinginzan (Gold and Silver Mines) and the Shukunegi settlement in the Ogi district, which once thrived as a port for Kitamaebune shipping.
Experience the unique flow of time through the seasons at Sadomari, creating moments that belong just to the two of you, here and now.

Staying with your family.

Bring along your little ones. With a three-generation family. Together with close friends and their families. The ways to enjoy and spend time at Sadomari vary from person to person.
Gaze at the stars in full glory, and savor local gourmet delights with meal kits and local sake.
Enjoy a carefree moment at Sadomari to your heart's content, without worrying about other guests, and free from the time constraints.

Lighthouse Bike

With your close friends.

Even an ordinary place will present a completely different view if you all go together.
For example, after cycling through the island’s lush nature and working up a sweat, take your time to soothe the weariness of your journey slowly. Engage in late-night conversations and discover sides of your friends you never knew before.
Coloring your island time with friends at Sadomari.