Is there Wi-Fi on the ferry?

  • About onboard the ferry

Free Wi-Fi connection (free public Wi-Fi) is available on car ferries and jetfoil.

The connection time on board is 120 minutes.

While traveling across the ocean, the Wi-Fi service may not be available depending on the transmission status and connection status.

The waiting room at each port terminal

Wi-fi is available in the waiting room of each port terminal. The connection time in the waiting room is 120 minutes, but please note that it may not be available depending on the status of the Internet connection.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi settings.

Select SSID:_Michinori_FreeWi-Fi on the Wi-Fi setting screen.

Launch a browser and register as a user on the screen that appears (an email address or social media account is required).

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