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Jetfoil (Ginga/Tsubasa/Suisei)
Niigata - Ryotsu

Jetfoil (Ginga/Tsubasa/Suisei)

Fast! No rocking! An airplane in the sea

The high-speed Jetfoil can travel at 80 km/h even through 3.5 m rough waves by traveling with its body elevated from the seawater.
It is propelled forward by a water jet pump driven by a gas turbine engine that injects approximately 150 tons of seawater per minute at a high pressure of 9 kg per square centimeter. Additionally, the ship is lifted to the water surface by the lift generated by hydrofoils located at the front and rear of the hull. The Jetfoil flying over the water’s surface is quite similar to an airplane. It is called an “airplane in the sea” because it uses water instead of air to generate lift to raise the hull above the sea surface.

Smooth ride!

The computer automated control device allows the ship to travel steadily without pitching and rolling in the waves.


It is safer and more reliable than other conventional ships.


The forward-facing window of the Jetfoil has been replaced with an aluminum plate to prevent glass shattering. Please note that the forward view is therefore not available.

Name Ginga/Tsubasa/Suisei
Maximum speed 46 knots
Passenger capacity Ginga,Tsubasa 244 people/Suisei 246 people
Power 7,600ps

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