Boarding for passengers in wheelchairs

Customers who wish to rent a wheelchair

For passengers wishing to rent a wheelchair at their departure port, we have limited wheelchairs available at each port. However, we might experience shortages on busy days. Please be sure to make the request when making your reservation.
As above, we will assist you as much as possible. Please let us know what time you plan to arrive at the port when you make your request.









About multipurpose restrooms

Multipurpose restrooms are available in the terminal and on board the ferry.

Port nameLocation
Niigata3rd floor, near the waiting room for Jetfoil
Ryoutsu2nd floor, near the north exit
Naoetsu1st floor, next to the ticket office
Ogi3rd floor, next to the ticket office

For details, please refer to the Terminal Guide for each port.

Ship nameLocation
Tokiwa3rd floor, next to the central escalator
Men’s restroom side
Okesa3rd floor, on the side of the front women’s restroom
Kogane3rd floor, next to the Information Desk in the center
JetfoilNot available

※The Jetfoil does not have a multipurpose restroom, so please try to use the restrooms available at each port terminal. If you need assistance, we will do our best to assist you; however, we may only be able to do so after some time as there are few crew members on the Jetfoil, and they are not stationed in the cabins.

Refer to“About the Ships” for more information.

Other information

About guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs

You can board the ferry with your dogs. Please inform us when you make a reservation or purchase tickets.
Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs, as defined in the Act on Assistance Dogs for Physically Disabled Persons, may be brought on board free of charge.
(However, this is limited to cases where the notation, etc., is made as required by the law.)


For visually impaired passengers

Please ask our staff at the counter for assistance when boarding or disembarking from the ferry to the bus/taxi terminal.

For hard-of-hearing passengers

If you have any questions when purchasing tickets, please ask our staff to assist you in writing.

About seats on the Jetfoil

Seating arrangements will be made to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users and passengers with limited mobility as much as possible.
Please call us to discuss your needs.